Registrar Signup

Please Note! Do not start if you cannot sign legal documents on behalf of your registrar.
Registrar Information
*This address will appear in the Registrar record in WHOIS.

Authorized Registrar Administrator
Note: The Registry requires that you maintain the following contact information. These and other notification types can be edited on the registrar portal when you receive credentials.
Billing Contact
Tech Contact
Abuse Contact
Note: If you plan to use EPP, Production configuration is required and will also be used for OT&E unless you fill in the OT&E section below. If you plan to use just the Web Portal, this is not required.

Production Configuration

SSL Certificate Common Names

OTE Configuration

SSL Certificate Common Names

Registrar Agreements

You must sign your Registry-Registrar Agreement in order to gain access to our platform.

Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)

The Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) contains the Registry's rights and the registrar's duties and obligations regarding the use of the registry services applicable to each gTLD.

Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) Amendment

Amendment to the Registry-Registrar Agreement addressing GAC advice.

Services Agreements

You must sign the MSA in order to offer additional registry services, such as: • DPML • Domain Names in Price Categories (Note there will be some additional commands to perform in the technical certification test in order to utilize these products.)

Master Services Agreement

Master Services Agreement (MSA) contains the Registry's rights and the Registrar's obligations regarding the use and implementation of ancillary products and services available to registrars related to each gTLD including, for example, DPML or Premium Names.